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I Write DateTemplate Binding Index, like this

<DataTemplate x:Key="VisitorCellTemplate">
     <TextBlock Text="{Binding [[GroupName].[ItemName]]}"/>

[GroupName].[ItemName] is index key.

I try write

{Binding ['[Measures].[Visits]']}

but not able building.

Help Me! Thanks!!

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Try this: use a backslash \ for any special character (look at this example: {Binding Path=\[Maxe\], Mode=OneWay"]} ), except if you are inside an indexer, and you should use the ^ symbol (for example, when you access an array: {Binding Path=Names['^[Maxe^]'], Mode=OneWay"} )

So in your case:

{Binding Path='\[Measures\].\[Visits\]'}
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Have a look at Escapes for Property Path Strings in this MSDN page

It explains that in general you can escape special characters by using the backslash \ and that you need to use the carret ^ inside of the indexers []

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