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I have a WPF project that is part of the solution, it is "ProjectFilesSelector". A some project, named A. call ProjectFilesSelector as figure below:


namespace ProjectFilesSelector
   public class ViewModel 
        public ICommand cancel
                return new WPFExtensions.RelayCommand(_ =>
                        this.window.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;
}); } }

public partial class Window1 : Window, IDisposable { public Window1(ProjectTypes.Project pro) { InitializeComponent();

        var context = new ViewModel(this, new ATChecker.ViewModel.ProjectModel(pro));
        this.DataContext = context;

... }


namespace ATCheckerView { public class ViewerClientExt : INotifyPropertyChanged { ...

public ICommand CheckPrinciplies { get { var cmnd = new RelayCommand(project => { var proj = (ViewModel.ProjectModel)project; ProjectFilesSelector.ViewModel dc; using (var a = new ProjectFilesSelector.Window1(proj.project)) { a.ShowDialog(); // cancel command was called dc = (ProjectFilesSelector.ViewModel)a.DataContext; } .... // some code // and I can still see the window of Window1. Why? });

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I don t think you want to exit the application. You may just want to close the window. The cancel button just set IsCancel to true. And for the ok button the best way is to create a event in the viewmodel to get up to the view.

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Upvoted for the first two sentences. – franssu Aug 22 '12 at 10:02
isCancel? Where it is located? I tried a transfer Window object to Viewe model and in a Cancel/Ok button write some like: NOT, i added it to question – psct Aug 23 '12 at 10:03

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