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<h:selectOneMenu class="medium" id="state" value="#{locationDataBean.stateSelected}" required="true" requiredMessage="Select State">
     <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select State" itemValue="-1"/>
     <f:selectItems value="#{systemResultViewUtil.stateList}"/>
     <a4j:ajax event="change" listener="#{locationServiceBean.retrieveStateDetails()}" render="district,taluka,centerNameList1,stateMsg"/>
<h:message for="state" style="color: red" id="stateMsg"/>

This is the JSF tag that i have been using and the value="#{locationDataBean.stateSelected}" already contains the vlaue from the back bean. but still i dont get a the value selected on the page in chrome. it shows a blank record on the page. the value is obtained on the page and even when i inspect the element it shows the following html script

<option value="55" selected="selected">466-Assam </option> but then also the value is not shown on the page.

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If the selectbox HTML looks right yet you cannot see it on the rendered page, maybe your CSS class medium is defined to hiding it? Try removing the class attribute and see if this has any effect.

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The class attribute didnt had any problems. there were some issues with the javascript setting the value to null after setting the value from backing bean. Thank you!!! –  smit gandhi Aug 23 '12 at 6:10

Did you try any other browser ?

Try value change listener in h:selectOneMenu element itself like

<h:selectOneMenu class="medium" id="state" value="#{locationDataBean.stateSelected}" required="true" requiredMessage="Select State" valueChangeListener="#{locationServiceBean.retrieveStateDetails}">
 <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select State" itemValue="-1"/>
 <f:selectItems value="#{systemResultViewUtil.stateList}"/>

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