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For my iPad app, I have a view displayed modally as a formsheet when a button is pushed. In order to have the keyboard dismissed after entering text in a textfield i tried as suggested;

the "disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal" method.

This does not work, in fact, the method is never called acording to the log. The keybord will dismiss for iPhone or when i choose to not present modally.

Here is my code:

- (BOOL)disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal
    NSLog(@"method calls");
    return NO;

- (IBAction)showNewView:(id)sender

    MyViewController *mvc = 
            [[MyViewController alloc] init];

// some lines about setting content

    UINavigationController *navController = [[UINavigationController alloc] 

    [navController setModalPresentationStyle:UIModalPresentationFormSheet];
    [self presentViewController:navController animated:YES completion:nil];

-(BOOL)disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal or not, the keyboard is not dismissed unless i remove tis line:

    // [navController setModalPresentationStyle:UIModalPresentationFormSheet];

However, then it is not presented the way I want anymore.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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-(BOOL)disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal needs to overridden to return NO by the view controller that is presented as a form sheet, not by the presenter; That's your mistake. In your case you could subclass UINavigationController to get the desired behaviour:

@interface AutomaticKeyboardDismissingNavigationController : UINavigationController

@implementation AutomaticKeyboardDismissingNavigationController
- (BOOL)disablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal
    return NO;

(The class name could probably be a bit shorter and still be comprehensible.)

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Technically one is not supposed to subclass UINavigationController, but I myself have this problem and cannot find an alternate solution. –  isaac May 29 '13 at 16:45
Be careful if you are displaying the modal with a UINavigationController. You then have to set thedisablesAutomaticKeyboardDismissal on the navigation controller and not on the view controller. –  thatzprem Jan 29 at 11:20

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