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Get an environment variable into a WIX property

How do you use environment variables in Wix? Eg program files?

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use: $(env.[VariableName])

eg $(env.ProgramFiles)

I discovered this under the following post: Get an environment variable into a WIX property but that seemed to be asking about how to use environment variables on the machine the installer was being run on

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This example is during build time. I would caution against referencing files outside of your build workspace as it will become tightly coupled with what is installed on the machine. –  Christopher Painter Jul 29 at 10:58
@ChristopherPainter are you saying that the program files value used is the one from the machine you make the msi on? I've not been bitten by that and would have expected to be by now –  Jonny Leeds Jul 29 at 15:36
Yes. $() is not a Windows Installer notation. All Windows Installer properties are escaped with []'s. $() is a Windows Installer XML preprocessor concept and gets turned into a literal at build time. Try it out sometime and look at the built MSI using Orca to see what the table data shows. –  Christopher Painter Jul 29 at 15:40
@ChristopherPainter cheers thats useful to know –  Jonny Leeds Jul 30 at 8:07

You shouldn't access Program Files via an environment variable. You should use the ProgramFilesFolder property.

For a complete list of available properties see System Folder Properties.

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Why shouldn't you access the environment variable? It's a standard windows one. I suppose the follow up question would be: How do you access properties in wix? Cheers –  Jonny Leeds Aug 22 '12 at 14:52
@jonny-leeds, Christopher did not wrote you should not access environment variables but you should not determine the ProgramFilesFolder from the environment as you are trying in your example (as there are predefined properties for this task). ;-) –  CodeFox Jul 29 at 8:47

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