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I have a text file in the following format and I wish to extract certain lines using R.

read.table("") also does not seem to work...

FiberLab 3

Name:   3_0002  
Date:   08-06-12  
Time:   14:42  
Company:    SLU  
Sample ID-Place:    034-UPSC Spruce  
Fibers:     10006   526 526 pcs  
Weight:     0.000   mg  
L(n)/L(l)/L(w):  1.22    2.28    2.75   mm  
L(n)/L(l)/L(w):  1.11    2.05    2.44   mm  
Width:  29.97   µm  
CWT:     7.90   µm  
Coar:   0.000   mg/m
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For this kind of non-tabular data, read.table is not going to work. What I would try is to read the data using readLines, and process from there using regular expressions (grep, sub, etc).

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