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Hie, i guess am asking silly question here, but am really confused with the avd things. firstly i wanted to test my application on Samsung Galaxy Ace, as i could not find actual simulator for the device. Are there any simulators for actual devices available online???

I added its skin to my AVD and used following configuration:

Target:API Level 8

SD Card: size: 512mb

Skin: Built In: HVGA

Hardware: Abstracted LCD Density: 160

During Launching the AVD i checked 'Scale display to real size' and set

size=3.5 and monitor dpi =96(as my monitor size is 1024x768)

(if i uncheck then i get real big emulator) but i don't get my avd as per my original device size. also my skinned emulator has icons overlapped and i cannot run my app on it properly. enter image description here

Am really confused about this size thing, can anyone help about how to get real device sized emulator?

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Finally its solved, i changed the hw.lcd.density and the problem is solved :)

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