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I have a tinyMCE textarea, in div named text_editor. So i have in my jQuery:

   }, function(){ 

    if(! mouse_is_inside){


with this when the user click outside the div text editor, this will hide, but if the user select a font family or a font size, the text editor hide, so i add this in my jQuery:

$(document).on('click', '.mceMenuItem, .mceColorSplitMenu, .mceBottom, .mceMoreColors', function(e){

this resolve the problem overhead. but if the users click in the colorpicker-more colors, a new window open, and text_editor hide, and i don't want that.

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var $editor = $('#text_editor');


$('body').on('click', function ( e ) {
  if( !($('#text_editor')) && $':visible') ){
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