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I've used XSD2Code to create a set of C# classes representing an XML document I'm currently retrieving from a web service call.

The returned object of the web service call is of type XMLNode.

I want to create an object from the generated classes and then populate it from the XMLNode.

The outter most class that seems to be have been generated is NewDataSet.

I'm a little stuck as to how to create/populate that object. Do I need to use Deserialization?

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The way I ended up resolving this was as follows.

I used the project Linq to XSD Project: http://linqtoxsd.codeplex.com/

Using the XSD I created a new set of C# Classes From the command prompt

C:\Linq2XSD\linqtoxsd.>LinqToXsd.exe vehicle.xsd
[Microsoft (R) .NET Framework, Version v4.0.30319]
Generated vehicle.cs...

I then imported this C# file into my code.

I had to add a reference to the Xml.Scheme.Linq library I could then create a populated set of objects:

VehiclesData vehicleData = VehiclesData.Parse(vehiclesXMLNode.OuterXml);

and use Linq to access typed XML as follows:

string vehicleColour = vehicleData.DataArea.Vehicles.Vehicle.ColourCurrent;

and so forth!

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