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I have a webapp that will also be run on the browsers of iDevices. The webpage consists of 4 portlets. I need to implement a functionality where the portlets can be dragged and dropped.What are the events that i need to capture since they should work on all the iDevices. Should i be implementing this by jquery or with HTML5 elements. I came accross some plugins like redplugin which helps me do a swap animation but it fails to work on iPads Safari browser. Here is what i mean,

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am able to do the handling of touch events on iDevices with jQuery UI Touch Punch. now looking forward to something that when i drag and then release the portlet should also be able to place by itself. – Adnan Hussein Aug 22 '12 at 13:34

Since you are using jQuery UI you can try jQuery UI Touch Punch (

It works like a charm for the most "classic" use of jQuery UI, including all drags.

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thanks it worked.. – Adnan Hussein Aug 22 '12 at 12:37

Take a look in this plugin/hack for jQuery UI:


He add the touch support to jQuery UI mouse events like Drag&Drop.

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