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i have a problem with transitioning! For example: i have an object and a button. I want this object to fade out when i press the button, and then when i press the button again i want my object to fade in. But i can't fade in my object, feels like it's just gone! For transition i use, for ex:

object = object, {time=500, alpha=0})

but when i perform another function in this exact scene to fade in, it just don't wanna work at all(button is pressing, but nothing is happening, even errors).

Help me out please!

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post your code... specifically, post the code of how you transition back in – speeder Aug 22 '12 at 22:35

Your code:

    object = object, {time=500, alpha=0})

You are saving the transition handler to the object. Try this:

    trans = object, {time=500, alpha=0})

Then if you want to cancel the transition you can do this


you can check the the usage of here


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figured out! thanks! – barmyman Aug 24 '12 at 13:55

Try this code i don't know correctly but it's works well:

local myRectangle = display.newRect(100, 100, 150, 50)
myRectangle.strokeWidth = 3
myRectangle:setFillColor(140, 140, 140)
myRectangle:setStrokeColor(180, 180, 180)

local button = display.newRect(100, 200, 50, 50)
button.strokeWidth = 3
button:setFillColor(140, 140, 140)
button:setStrokeColor(180, 180, 180)

local buttonfun=function(event)
if event.phase=="ended" then
if myRectangle.alpha ==1.0 then myRectangle, { delay=1, time=1000, alpha=1.0, alpha=0.0} )
else myRectangle, { delay=1, time=1000, alpha=0.0, alpha=1.0} )
return true
button:addEventListener("touch", buttonfun)
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After you write this trans = object, {time=500, alpha=0}) in button pressed first time so you must chick make boolen variable to make this action twice. and second time which fade it in again you must make alpha=1

For example:

local  trans 
function  Listner  (event)
trans = nil 

function  onPress(event)
if(flage== true) then 

flage = false  
trans = object, {time=500, alpha=0 , onComplete =Listner  })

flage = true
trans = object, {time=500, alpha=1 , onComplete =Listner  })

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