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Following is the my C++ class

namespace X {
  class ChildFactory: public Father {
    static ChildFactor* createChildFactory(const properties* ptr = NULLPTR);
  private :
    // no instances allowed
    ChildFactory(const properties* ptr);

following is how I have defined the Boost::Python constructs.

  boost::python::class_<X::ChildFactory, boost::noncopyable>("ChildFactory")
    .def("createChildFactory", &X::ChildFactory::createChildFactory,  boost::python::return_value_policy<boost::python::manage_new_object>() )

But it is giving me weird compiler template error.

Error is

destructor could not be generated because a base class destructor is inaccessible
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destructor could not be generated because a base class destructor is inaccessible

So did you solve it?

If not, what that means it is you declared your constructor function in the private section of the class, thats why it can not be accessed. In fact you can not instantiate that class, it can only be used as a singleton.

Move your


to the public section and lets us know.

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Try exposing your class as having no_init:

class_<Foo, boost::noncopyable>("Foo", no_init);
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manage_new_object might use auto_ptr<> which requires delete pointer_to_ChildFactory to work which needs access to ~ChildFactory().

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