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Is it possible to specify mirror in pom.xml ? For example I am want to make one my own repo like central repo. And I want disable requests to the central repo and make all requests to my own repo. Is it possible to disable default central repo in Maven?

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Best solution for such kind of thing is to install a repository manager which acts like a "own central repository."

In the pom it's not possible to define mirror entries furthermore it would be bad practice if definition of mirrors would be possible which is not the case. The same is true for repositories definition in pom's.

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That wouldn't make sense. POM files are not just to build projects, they are also uploaded to shared repositories. Now imagine that your POM ends up on Maven Central. What should happen when I add your project as dependency to one of my projects?

A better solution is to use a Maven proxy server.

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Just for the sake of completeness. You won't get such kind of pom into central cause it will be rejected based on quality checks which exists on the path to central. –  khmarbaise Aug 23 '12 at 11:18

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