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I want to build a cuda plugin for an other project written in C++ using MPI. I got the following situation:

  • startingpoint.cpp is a c++ file including the cudaintegrator.h and includes datastructure.h
  • cudaintegrator.h is the header file for a cuda file including datastructure.h
  • cudaintegrator.cpp is the implemenation of cudaintegrator.h
  • datastructure.h is a header file specifing some datastructures

the files are organized like that:


When I run nvcc from my trunk dir with the following command:

/usr/local/cuda/bin/nvcc   -c -o src/folder1/folder3/cudaintegrator.o src/folder1/folder3/

the included file `#include "folder4/folder5/datastructure.h" is not found:

src/folder1/folder2/cudaintegrator.h:12:33: fatal error: folder4/folder5/datastructure.h: No such file or directory

When I run mpic++ for the compilation of startingpoint.cpp, which uses the same include, the datastructure.h is found.

I suspect that the working directory of nvcc and mpic++ are somehow different(?) even both are run from the trunk directory. When I change the include to ../../folder4/folder5/datastructure.h the file itself is found, but subsequent includes fail for the same reason. I can not change the includes in all subsequent files because they can't be found by mpic++ in this case. Does anyone have a suggestion how I should include the files in this situation correctly, or how to instruct nvcc to find the included files?

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Providing include paths (-I) to the nvcc invocation should be enough (if not, it uses relative include paths only, that's why adding ../.. works for a single include).

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Thanks for your reply, as you said, i missed to add -I./src to my NVCC compiler options. How embarrassing... Thanks for helping! – soriak Aug 22 '12 at 12:16

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