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I have a jQuery dialog that displays an ASP form. Within this form I've got a button. When I click this, some server side code should trigger and show results. But when I do this, on the postback, the dialog window dissapears and the dialog page is opened fullscreen in browser instead of a dialog.

Anyone who knows how to solve this? Thanks

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Do you want to keep the dialog opened after postback? If yes, see: asp.net webforms and jquery: How to save/restore jquery state between postbacks?. Briefly, you should remember the dialog state before pb, i. e. in a hidden field and restore it manually after. AND, in the dialog form, set submit button's PostBackUrl to the page where the dialog was hosted in.

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isn't there an easier solution? :s looks like a lot of work... –  RubenHerman Aug 22 '12 at 12:09

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