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I have added a tabset with a few tabs to my GWT application, and now I would like to move the tabheaders a little bit to the left. Not the tab panes, but the small tab headers. These are positioned at the top of the tabset.

Does anyone know how to do this? I would prefer to do it programmatically, but am looking into how to do it with css as well.

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Ok, so now I have solved the problem, but Im still hoping for a better and more easy solution. I copied the enterprise theme folder to my WAR (followed the quick start guide chapter 9). I edited the load_skin.js file, where I found the property named layoutStartMargin (in section6 for the Tabsets) and changed it to my desired indentation value.

I tried to invoke TabSet.setProperty with the name of the property and my value, but I got a JavaScriptException: (TypeError): widget is null It works, but I feel it could have done in another way. Any comments on this?

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