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I am running Octave 3.4.0 and want to create a transparent surface plot. However, I have not been able to do so when messing around with facealpha, edgealpha, alphadata and alphadatamapping.

Example code for creating a non-transparent surface:

p = peaks(40);
f1 = figure(10);clf
s1 = surface(p)
hold on;plot3([0 40],[40 0],[-10 10],'k')

The result of this given in the image below. As you can see, the line drawn diagnonlly at the start is hidden behind the surface, even though the surface is suppose to be semi-transparent. Is this a bug in my version of Octave, or have I missed something?

enter image description here

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This works for me on Octave 3.6.2 using gnuplot as the graphics toolkit. So you better upgrade your Octave installation.

Two things to note though:

  1. the part of the diagonal line that goes behind the surface is not drawn in a lighter so it still looks weird;
  2. with the new experimental fltk graphics toolkit, it doesn't work at all.
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Okey, thanks. I'll give that a try then. – Vidar Aug 22 '12 at 16:43

I agree with Vidar: his code doesn't work with latest Octave 3.8.1 (Cygwin 1.7.30(0.272/5/3) setup_x86_64.exe:2.850 xterm 305-1 Gnuplot 4.6.3-3). facealpha just makes surf of lighter color. One workaround however, is that mesh command in octave has a feature of throwing away the faces: hidden (manual).


p = peaks(40);
f1 = figure(10);clf
s1 = mesh(p)
hold on;plot3([0 40],[40 0],[-10 10],'k')


code output

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Could you please file a bug report? – juliohm Jun 11 '14 at 22:01
done: a comment in 2009 says it was fixed:… and a comment in 2011 says it is not supported: my experience says it still doesn't work... – alexey Jun 11 '14 at 22:16
Thanks @alexey. – juliohm Jun 12 '14 at 0:39

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