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The default javascript editor for Eclipse has very poor outlining and code completion. As a result of this, for any modern javascript application like ExtJS or NodeJS where you need to write a lot of object literal statements, Eclipse becomes pretty useless. And it is impossible to ask how to do this properly.

Now I found that Ebay Open Source seems to have tools that are specifically designed to replace this flaw in the standard editors, both for javascript in general as for NodeJS specifically.

Installing the normal NodeJS V8 debugger on a default WDT install of Eclipse is pretty straightforward, and apart from setting up some script mapping, it's easy to get to work.

But when I tried installing VJET, stuff just didn't work. No code assist at all, no debugging anymore, nothing. VJET mode was set as default for debugging and stuff, but when I couldn't get it to work, I couldn't find any option to switch back to normal Eclipse/JS Editor/V8 Debugger either. Even when I removed all VJET stuff, my Eclipse installation was bombed and a complete wipe of the workspace and home configuration + downloads finally fixed this.

So I was hoping that anyone could explain: What are the exact steps to getting VJET to work for Node.JS development in Eclipse, and possibly how can one switch between 'VJET' mode and 'default' mode?

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A good article was written here about how to get VJET and Chrome Dev Tools working. http://jonathan-whywecanthavenicethings.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html

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Thanks. Speed-reading the start of the article, I have the feeling that is exactly what I did last time. I will try the procedure more to the letter soon-ish and if it works out I will accept your answer. :) –  Redsandro Aug 29 '12 at 14:46

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