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So here's the situation. I've got a login screen (Activity) to my app, and juste after another screen that shows some stuff (another button for now) and starts a service. This service is starting an xmpp connection for the chat.

What I want is when I press connexion on the login screen, the next screen appears and service starts.

But currently, when I press connexion, the login screen stays for about 2s while the next screen starts the service. I know it's the service call slowing everything down because when commented the screen come up fast.

Only the onCreate is coded in the screen and I tried using an AsyncTask too but it didn't change anything:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 

    next = (Button)findViewById(R.id.boutonContinuer);

    Intent service_intent = new Intent(this, ChatService.class);
    //new ConnectWork().execute();

The service looks like this, initConnection is the function that connect to xmpp and get roster and stuff... :

public class ChatService extends Service

public void onCreate()
    packetListener = new MessageListener();

public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId)

    handler = new Handler();
    return START_NOT_STICKY;  

public IBinder onBind(Intent intent)
    return null;

What am I doing wrong ?

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No ideas ? Maybe there's another way of doing this, a Thread possibly ? –  Sam Aug 23 '12 at 7:50
For anyone who has the same problem, what seems too work is from the onCreate() (if thats where you're doing long tasks) just call a AsyncTask and execute work in it. The confusion, and apparently i'm not the only one, is that a service runs in the main thread. (it does not have a separate Thread, neither it's own process). –  Sam Aug 23 '12 at 8:25

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