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I am using X11 to get mouse position when the mouse button is pressed in a application which runs on terminal without any window.

Getting Mouse Position :

Display *dpy;
Window root, child;
int rootX, rootY, winX, winY;
unsigned int mask;
dpy = XOpenDisplay(NULL);

Now I want to use XGrabPointer() to lock the mouse so that it does not interact with objects(windows , icons and docks ) present on desktop . here is the documentation of XGrabPointer , but I don't seem to understand how to use it and what arguments to pass .

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This is the correct format that seems to work for me .

int g=XGrabPointer(dpy,DefaultRootWindow(dpy), true, ButtonPressMask |
                 ButtonReleaseMask |
                 PointerMotionMask |
                 FocusChangeMask |
                EnterWindowMask |
                  LeaveWindowMask,GrabModeAsync,GrabModeAsync, None, None, CurrentTime);
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