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When getting information about album, I can get only location name :

select aid, owner, location from album;

But I need also a place ID for further manipulations.

I can't just query "place" table to return me places that have the name of album location ("name" column is not unique and not indexed in place table).

How can I get that place ID?

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Found it. It can be taken from a "photo" table, when getting a photo associated with that album. – alexaschka Aug 27 '12 at 10:42

The user can put anything they like into this field – so the info you’re getting from there does not necessarily have to correspond to any specific place on Facebook.

For example, I could name my album “Photos from my Holidays in 2012”, and type “New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo” into the field – so you can not expect the API to return a specific location id in those cases.

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Found it. It can be taken from a "photo" table, when getting a photo associated with that album:

select aid, place_id from photo where pid = (select cover_pid from album where aid = you_post_attachment_fb_object_id)
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This is don't work in 100% cases. Because album can be empty or locations of album/cover photo can be different.

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