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Have a code that is working with ordinary FB user (login and post). Just created test user but unable to login. Getting message "we didn't recognize your email address or phone number". After calling https://graph.facebook.com/362652477144946/accounts/test-users?... I got:

  "id": "100004233554579",
  "access_token": "...",
  "login_url": "https://www.facebook.com/platform/test_account_login.php?user_id=100004233554579&n=Ffaa4FVusNloYGS",
  "email": "iosproject_gaxfjez_iosproject\u0040tfbnw.net",
  "password": "..."

Tried entering "100004233554579", "Ffaa4FVusNloYGS" and "iosproject_gaxfjez_iosproject\u0040tfbnw.net" at username but nothing works. Any ideas?

UPDATE1 Noticed "\u0040" in email, so changed that to "@". But then getting "We didn't recognize your email" :)

UPDATE2 Noticed there's another email "100004233554579@facebook.com" when logged to Facebook login_url but it doesn't work too.

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From your response, it seems like the email required for login should be iosproject_gaxfjez_iosproject@tfbnw.net.

That should work for you with the password generated. You can read more about creating test users here.

If it still doesn't solve your issue, please create a bug report at http://developers.facebook.com/bugs and we'll be more than happy to look into it.

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I was also able to log in only with the @tfbnw.net address (not the @facebook.com one). Confusingly the former is hidden by default, it can be found under Contact Info, Edit on the test user's profile page. –  dukedave Mar 7 '13 at 16:08
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