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I have got my script to work and I just want to add a progressbar to show the progress (duh!). This is a test script I made because I discovered the problem in my original script. In the original script there is a lot of opening,saving,copy,paste and transformations in the loop...

var StatusWindow = new Window("window","Production");

StatusWindow.size = [400,150];
StatusWindow.alignChildren = "left";
StatusWindow.TextProgress = StatusWindow.add("statictext",[0,0,200,0]);
StatusWindow.BarProgress = StatusWindow.add("progressbar",[0,0,200,12]);;

for (n=0; n<100; n++) {
  StatusWindow.TextProgress.text = n;
  StatusWindow.BarProgress.value = n;

The script runs and shows the Window and the progressbar. Then nothing is updated in the UI until the alert box shows up. If I pause the script (whitin ExtendScript Toolkit CS5), the UI is updated with thext and correct progress. I know that an UI normaly only get updated when there is time "left over" in the system, but this is ridiculous!!!

How can I force Photoshop to update the UI when I want it too?


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(From the JavaScript Tools guide) You can use StatusWindow.update()

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You may want to consider using app.refresh() or waitForRedraw(). The window.update() did not seem to solve this problem for me.

Here is the source:

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