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Currently I'm connecting to my meteor project using http://localhost:3000 which uses my meteorApp.html file.

How could I make Meteor respond to the following url: http://localhost:3000/otherPath ?

To be more explicit, I do have a file on the server side I just would like to be able to retrieve on the client side using http://localhost:3000/nameOfTheFile.sufix

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I think you can just put nameOfTheFile.sufix under public directory.


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Then /public/someFile.html will be accessible from localhost:3000/someFile.html ? – Flavien Volken Aug 23 '12 at 7:02

If you want otherPath to be within meteor app, public won't do. There are several ways to do that, is one way to create what looks like a traditional multipage site within one meteor process.

I did this a while ago and have since perfected it a bit but haven't updated it.. this at least might give you some ideas... you can look at the source here:

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