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I have edit form for entity. There is element

          $feedback = new FeedbackViewer('Feedback');

This feedback viewer loads iframe with another zf datagrid that shows feedbacks inside the form. I use this form in ZF datagrid

$entityId = $this->getRequest()->getParam('edit');
        if ($entityId) {
            $entityForm = call_user_func($formCallback, $entityId);

But ZF datagrid after saving action triggers error Validation failed. Removing the feedbacks element makes it saving correctly. any suggestions?

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                if($action != 'show') {

                $gridParam = $this->getRequest()->getParam('grid');
                $startParam = $this->getRequest()->getParam('start');

                if ($gridParam) {
                        if ($gridParam == 'all') {
                                $gridParam = 'index';

                        // Attach to event listener custom redirect action
                        $grid->listenEvent('crud.after_update', array($this, 'setGridRedirectCallback'), array('action' => $gridParam, 'page' => $startParam));
                        $grid->listenEvent('crud.after_delete', array($this, 'setGridRedirectCallback'), array('action' => $gridParam));
                        $form->getForm()->getElement('form_reset')->setAttribs(array('onclick' => 'window.location.href = "/admin/' . $gridParam . (($startParam) ? '/start/' . $startParam : '') . '";'));

I solved this issue with putting this in If tags, couldn't find better solution.

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