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I try to get an access_token like this documentation :

but it does not work !

I have this error :

   "error": {
      "type": "OAuthException",
      "message": "Error validating verification code."

In the documentation it says we can use :

client_id is my app_id
client_secret is the App secret
redirect_uri is the url of the website (Site URL in app configuration) (I tried with / and without at the end)

So my url is :****&*********&code=AQCVmlM9peMiL8Pv3mdi7c3FifwGLQDECdtN0oGMW4I6cisebeawDdSHP_crQlhsZxHKDOFT6zOrqeaoiL2pkQSkqAvwoPZdw0o1uCoLpUVjchghgfhgfhEXb2XS3UBD7iEc8eZ_YLF0cbVWL5i58sj3Rsr9vVFtfYwfghghgfhgfTkwajGcRp9n-lWWcepxghgIwzMMYLv8e__iDoMDiSNg
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It's been ages since I last coded a Facebook app. Not sure if this will help: Facebook access token and AJAX calls

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