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I have a ruby app parsing a bunch of URLs from strings:

@text = "a string with a url http://example.com"


@text[0] = "http://example.com"

This works fine ^^

But sometimes the URLs have text before the HTTP:// for example

@text = "What's a spacebar? ...http://example.com"

@text[0] = "...http://example.com"

Is there a regex that can select just the text before "http://" in a string so I can strip it out?

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Heads up, you are going to have the same issue at the end of the URL too, and that will be much tougher to deal with. –  JohnFx Jul 30 '09 at 16:04
Yes, I agree with JohnFx. Regex arent' that great for this problem. Matching URLs in strings has been asked on SO before. Have a look and see what solutions they used -- ie what libraries etc. –  Pod Jul 30 '09 at 16:07

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Spliting and then grepping is an odd way to do this. Why don't you just use String#scan:

@text = "a string with a url http://example.com"
urls = @text.scan(/http[s]?:\/\/\S+/)
url[0]  # => "http://example.com"
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Thanks, this solved my problem - it ignores everything preceding the matching text. –  dMix Jul 30 '09 at 16:13

Perhaps a nicer way to achieve the same result is to use the URI standard library.

require 'uri'
text = "a string with a url http://example.com and another URL here:http://2.example.com and this here"
URI.extract(text, ['http', 'https'])
# => ["http://example.com", "http://2.example.com"]

Documentation: URI.extract

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or you could combine the two.

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Just search for http://, then remove the parts of the string before that (as the =~ returns the offset into the string)

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