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Starting by some nice tutorials I tried to: 1) use jQuery (and in particular the AjaxUpload library) to upload an image file from an input file button. 2) use s CSS trick to replace the default HTML5 input file button to a more nice custom button. 3) use HTML5 filters for allowing "only specific image" file upload.

The point is that the AjaxUpload library seems to be broken when I use the modified input file button (i.e nothing happens).

For instance, this JSFiddle is a test with the default input file. If you try to upload a file, the loading gif say you that the file is currently in upload. This one is the same with the modified input file. No loading gif is started.

Also the HTML5 file filtering seems to be broken on my Chrome browser, but it is a minor issue.

Any idea?

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This may be because of some inner logic of AjaxUpload or security restriction of the browser. Try it with this CSS (height is 30px instead of 0%):

    .file-wrapper input {
         cursor: pointer;
         font-size: 100px;
         width:100%; height:30px;
         filter: alpha(opacity=1);
         -moz-opacity: 0.01;
         opacity: 0.01;
         position: absolute;
         right: 0;
         top: 0;

Also, about accept. It must be like this (works for sure in Chrome):


And looks like it won't work with AjaxUpload. I've tried it in JSFiddle, but in result I see no accept attribute. Possibly it is removed by plugin for some reason

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Yes, now it works! Thanks. However, I also have to mention that in this way it is not possible to make a customized title appear when onhover the element, so the "No file chosen" is shown by default :(. Moreover, file filtering still doesn't work! See the updated JSFiddle –  JeanValjean Aug 22 '12 at 16:06
Mhhh! I see... to be honest, also the accept=".jpg,.gif, etc." works in a separeted input file. So, seems that the AjaxUpload library is broken. I'm going to find something better! –  JeanValjean Aug 22 '12 at 16:11
@JeanValjean with onhover title - it must work if you put title attribute on a file input. AjaxUpload removes that one too. –  FAngel Aug 22 '12 at 16:14
Your are right! So, it is the JS library that "sucks"! There are two many drawbacks in using it. I can't rely on it. I'm going to test a new one! Thanks –  JeanValjean Aug 22 '12 at 16:18
For the record: I moved to Blueimp and now everything works fine! –  JeanValjean Aug 22 '12 at 17:49

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