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I'am trying to write simple script that will get files name from one folder and search them in another folder and remove if found them in that folder. Got two folder like








I want to remove all file's from /usr/local/lib{bin,include} that contains in /home/install/lib{bin,include}. For example having



scritp will remove /usr/local/lib/test1. I tried to do it from each separate directory

/home/install/lib:ls -f -exec rm /usr/local/lib/{} \; but nothing. Can you help me to manage with this simple script?

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Create script rmcomm

comm -12 <(ls "$a") <(ls "$b") | while read file; do
  rm "$b/$file"

Then call this script for every pair:

for dir in lib bin include; do rmcomm "$dir"; done
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Here's something simple. Remove the echo from the line containing rm to run it after you've ensured it's doing what you want:



pushd /home/install

for dir in "${dirs[@]}"
    for file in $(find $dir -type f)
        # Remove 'echo' below once you're satisfied the correct files
        # are being removed
        echo rm /usr/local/$file

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Thank's for replying. The main target is to do it in one line, which can be run directly from console. – John Square Aug 22 '12 at 15:26
It's a script. Once you've saved it to a file and chmodd it +x it will be runnable directly from the console. – Sean Bright Aug 22 '12 at 15:30

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