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I'm working on a mobile app, for that I use html5/js with Phonegap. I store some data in a local database with window.openDatabase(...).

That's work fine with Android 2.x But when I try with Android 4.0.3, I catch the following error : D/CordovaLog(698): Uncaught TypeError: Object [object DOMWindow] has no method 'openDatabase'

My code is :

if (!window.openDatabase)
    alert("Error: can't open local database");
if (!localStorage)
    alert("Error: localstorage not usable");

var db = window.openDatabase("Database", "1.0", "DatabaseName", 200000);

Do you have an idea where that come from and how I can resolve it ? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Vi.

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According to, Android has had iffy support for window.OpenDatabase() method since the start. You may want to see this StackOverflow thread: Android 4.0.1 breaks WebView HTML 5 local storage?

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I resolved my problem by updating the phonegap lib (to version 2.0). I had the version 1.9 for the .jar and I used always an old version for the .js file : version 1.4.

I found in some version of, the configuration of WebSettings from WebView don't activate Database. But maybe it's just because I had a very old version for .js lib.

So now, it seems to be ok.

Thanks for your help.

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