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I have a custom option, which holds 2 options. There is no button group or something created by Magento, the radio buttons and the labels are in a < ul >, so how would I get the selected radio button? This is the code:

<ul id="options-22-list" class="options-list">
        <input id="options_22_2" class="radio validate-one-required-by-name product-  custom-option" type="radio" price="6.8" value="40" name="options[22]" onclick="opConfig.reloadPrice()">
        <span class="label">
            <label for="options_22_2">
                <span class="price-notice">
                    <span class="price">€6.80</span>
        same as above just with the other option and other ids


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I guess it should be in some form.

In PrototypeJS, you can get the selected radio button value by:

var radioValue = Form.getInputs('myform','radio','options[22]').find(function(radio) { 
    return radio.checked; 
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I will try that, thanks! – user1540714 Aug 22 '12 at 16:00

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