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I designed my own 404 error which you can find here: (this one works)

But when I trigger a 404 by going to everything is there except for the orange background image I use.

Anyone has any ideas how I can fix this?

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Relative path seems to be the problem. Nice design BTW – toniedzwiedz Aug 22 '12 at 15:45
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Using a relative path to the URL in your CSS is the problem. For example...


Try making it absolute...


Edit - something else to be aware of...

When using url in CSS via the <style> tag, relative paths will always be relative to the current page location. When using url in CSS via the <link> tag and .css files, the path will be relative to the location of the .css file.

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Because you have added a relative path for the background image turn it into absolute and you will have no more problems

.oh {
   background-image: url('/assets/images/opacity.png');
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If you view the both pages using firebug, you will notice the error on the second page, it's loading image from but the correct url is, just use the whole url

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background-image: url('/errors/assets/images/opacity.png');

instead of

background-image: url('assets/images/opacity.png');
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Change the url in css for .oh




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