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I have a number of reports with current and ytd columns(summary totals by salesman). I want to be able to select the sub-report based on the column clicked. I have one sql procedure that selects current and one that selects ytd. I want to use the same report format (without having to copy and modify it) for current and ytd. Is there anyway of identifying what column is clicked?

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Crystal Reports is pretty much just a reporting tool; it's not very interactive.

I'm more familiar with older versions of Crystal Reports, but as far as I know there aren't any onClick methods for columns that can be trapped using pure Crystal Reports.

Depending on how many columns you have, you can create a subreport for each column, but that may be prohibitively slow if you have a large number of columns you want to create subreports for.

If you're using C# or VB.NET to generate the report, you may have more options, but since the question isn't tagged with any programming languages, I'm going to assume this is pure Crystal Reports.

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