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While testing my application, i connected to a wifi network which needed an authentication to access the internet. I would have like [NSString stringWithContentOfUrl:encoding:error:] to fail or return the content of this authentication page even if it is not the page I asked. But it keeps on trying to download, and never returns. Do you have any solution to detect this kind of issue ?

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I would recommend using NSURLConnection. When a redirect happens it will call the delegate method as mentioned here. Also with NSURLConnection you will have greater control in the future when you add additional features and content. Or should the router not do a redirect and just force you to a page, you will be able to use the NSURLConnection to download the content and parse it to determine if it is indeed the page you were looking for.

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I understand from your answers that there's no way to handle this within the stringWithContentOfUrl: method. What I thought at first, but I preferred ask before changing my method. Thanks. –  Tom Ahh Aug 22 '12 at 16:18

In that case you'll have to do some coding. Download the contents of the url via NSURLRequest -> NSURLConnection. Then via the NSURLConnection's delegate methods you can respond to the authentication challenge.

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