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In a Ruby on Rails app, how would one seed a model (using the seed-fu gem) that has been translated using the globalize3 gem?

I tried seeding both the table and translated table with the code below, but it didn't work.



   { :id => 1 }


   { :id => 1, :product_id => 1, :locale => "en", :name => "foo"},
   { :id => 2, :product_id => 1, :locale => "ja", :name => "bar"}
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I've never used seed-fu, but I know globalize3 fairly well and Product_translation doesn't look right to me. Shouldn't it be Product::Translation (or Product.translation_class)?

Maybe this would work:


  { :id => 1, :product_id => 1, :locale => "en", :name => "foo"},
  { :id => 2, :product_id => 1, :locale => "en", :name => "bar"}
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