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I have been trying to implement a generic view in XAML, this kind of thing in the MyView.xaml.cs file:

public partial class MyView<T>: UserControl {
  // content...

And I know that I have to use x:TypeArguments for then using MyView. That's right, there's documentation online about that.

But... What about putting something in the MyView*.xaml* file ?

Currently I have a standard:

<UserControl x:Class="Some.Name.Space.Views.MyView" 
 *bunch of namespaces declarations*
  some content (a StackPanel, a grid, whatever...)

But, of course, the content of the .xaml file is going to make a class MyView and not MyView<T>. And I just cannot find on the internet which specific keyword we have to use in the xaml to say we are declaring the content of a Generic view.


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