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I'm digging around trying to find a good set of tools for creating console applications, as most of the settings I expect to be using Ruby in the coming months won't be webapps, but server-side scripts.

I know of highline, and I do plan on using that for user and possible password prompts, but I know that the Console application world should be chock-full of other gems to assist and/or enrich your plain 'ol command-line apps.

Does anyone have some good suggestions? I'm not exactly sure what I'm really looking for, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were gems in Ruby to help with colorizing, ascii-like art, user-interaction (similar to bash-completion), man-page similar tools (or generators) or just helpers for making the work of creating a richer console app not come across as being so difficult to understand, or plain and cryptic.

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Here's some console related gems I've written you may like:

  • bond - Custom readline autocompletion of methods, arguments and more.
  • hirb - Framework for formatting ruby objects. Comes with tables, trees, selection menus and a smart pager.
  • alias - Creates, manages and saves aliases for class methods, instance methods, constants, delegated methods.

I also have some delicious tag lists of ruby gems in these areas:

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There seem to be a pretty comprehensive list here: http://whynotwiki.com/Ruby_/_Console_libraries

My personal favorite for larger console applications is SimpleConsole.

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My table_print gem lets you see IRB output in easy-to-scan table format. Super simple, lightweight, customizable. http://archslide.com/2013/02/table_print/

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