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I'm using Slickgrids with alot of success. I have ajax edits all working - but I'm trying to add a piece of functionality;

Below is my code which allows me to update cells - it works as intended - but I want to be able to change the cell after it has been editted with the returned value from the json data. See my code below - I have put in capitals where I need a command to update the editted cell with the new returned data

    grid.onCellChange.subscribe(function(e, args) {
                  var dataString = "col="+grid.getColumns()[args.cell].name+"&row="+args.item.new_training_calendar_id+"&value="+data[args.row][grid.getColumns()[args.cell].field];

                    type: "POST",
                    url: "mydomain/update_cell",
                    data: dataString, dataType: "json",
                success: function(a) { 
                        if(a.status != "ok") { 
                           } else {
                             **CHANGE_CELL_HERE TO (a.newdata);**
                     return false;
               } }); });
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If you are using DataView in your grid, you can use:

var row = dataView.getItem(args.row);
row[grid.getColumns()[args.cell].field] = a.msg;
dataView.updateItem(, row);

If you are using a plain grid instead, you can use:

data[args.row][grid.getColumns()[args.cell].field] = a.msg;

Hope that helps!

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