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I am new to the Jquery Mobile I have Login form which is created using HTML5 as display

<div data-role="content" class="content-min-height">
    <form name="frm_login" id="frm_login" >
        <label>Email ID</label> 
        <input type="Password" width="50" data-theme="d" name="pwd"/>
        <p class="tekmaz-p-center padding-add">
            <input type="submit" name="btn_login" value="Login" class="btn-width-a" id="login"/>

    <div data-role="content" id="display"></div>

in my javascript file is

         // JavaScript Document
        $( document ).bind( "mobileinit", function() {
          // Make your jQuery Mobile framework configuration changes here!

          $.mobile.allowCrossDomainPages = true;

    $(document).ready(function() {

            return false;
    function ajFrmLogin(){

        var datas = $("#frm_login").serialize();
        //var datas = {0:"ABS",1:"pwddd"};

              url: "",
              data: datas,
              cache: false,
              dataType: 'jsonp',
              jsonp: 'jsoncallback',
              timeout: 5000,
              success: function(rtdata,status){


This pies of code working in android emulator but when i put it actual android device i wont get any result as i expected in android emulator.

Please help me to figure this out

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Instead of using $("#login").click(function() try,

  • Also check your javascript files ordered properly in your html.
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