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I did declare click like that in my template

<script id="flipTemplate" type="text/html">

    <div data-bind="attr: {id:  ImageName }, click: alert('a')">


But alert('a') executing straight away i clicking my button which is generated dynamic content instead of alerting when i am clicking on that div.

is there any way how to fix that?

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knockoutjs expects a function as the click binding parameter not an arbitrary js statement.

So you need to wrap your alert call into an anonymous function

<div data-bind="attr: {id:  ImageName }, click: function(data, event) { alert('a') } ">

But I highly recommend to put every logic into your ko viewmodels and use the viewmodel methods in your bindings. So don't put logic into the data-bind expressions.

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Im not sure why you are setting your Div up like this. would this work better?

    <div id="mydiv"/>

      $(document).ready(function() {
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just updated the Q, added some more details. I am dealing with dynamic content – Kuncevic Aug 22 '12 at 17:45

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