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I have an XML file that looks like this:

    <name>Clean door</name>
    <time>10h today</time>
    <name> Clean floor </name>
    <time>12h today</time>

There are more work elements in the document, that's just a sample. I have a structure defined in like this:

Structure work
    Dim name As String
    Dim time As String
End Structure

How can I read all of the work elements from the XML and store them in a list of work objects in VB.NET? For instance:

work(1).name = "Clean Door"
work(1).time = "10h today"
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What is the document element called in this XML document (the root element under which all of these work elements sit)? – Steven Doggart Aug 23 '12 at 12:24

You can use either the XmlSerializer or the DataContractSerializer to deserialize from a file to your object model.

You will need to decorate the object model with the appropriate attributes in order to ensure that the serialization works as expected.

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