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How can i write keys of a dictionary to a text file line by line, i.e. one key per line? If there is any link pointing to the same, please direct me to that link. I can find loading text file contents into a dictionary, but i am not able to find the vice-versa.

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If all you want to print is the keys (i.e. not the values) you can simply iterate over the dict:

with open("filename", "w") as f:
    for key in dict:
        print >>f, key

or in Python 3, with the new print function:

with open("filename", "w") as f:
    for key in dict:
        print(key, file=f)
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At the bare minimum, something like this will work:

fp = open('filename','w');
for k,v in myDict.items():
 fp.write('%s=%s\n', k, v);
 #for writing just the key per line


you might need sanity checks for presence of '=' in key and escaping '\r' '\n' in value with \r and \n

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