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I'd like to subset a list of sublists, based on the contents of one of the sublist elements, in a manner similar to the way subset works on data frames:

sublist1 <- list(data=rnorm(10), name="name1", keepMe=2)
sublist2 <- list(data=rnorm(10), name="name2", keepMe=2)
sublist3 <- list(data=rnorm(10), name="name3", keepMe=3)
myList <- list(s1=sublist1, s2=sublist2, s3=sublist3)

I'd like to do something like keepers <- subset[myList, keepMe==2] which would return a list of length 2.

The following is almost what I want:

selector <- function(x) {
  if (x$keepMe==2) {return(x)} 
  else {return(NULL)}
keepers <- llply(myList, selector)

except that in that case the undesirable list elements don't get thrown out, they just get replaced with NULL.

Note that in all cases the sublists will have the same components, only the values of the components change.

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This will give you the two lists with TRUE in the keepMe position:

myList[ unlist( sapply(myList, "[", "keepMe") ) ]

@ttmaccer solution omitting the i=

myList[ sapply(myList, "[[", "keepMe")  ]

(Which succeeds because sapply will try to deliver a vector or matrix if it can, but "[" returns a list, while "[[" returns an atomic logical.)

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So much nicer than my solution. +1. I still haven't quite figured out how/when to use [ and [[ and so on with the apply functions. Any tips? – A Handcart And Mohair Aug 22 '12 at 18:27
@mrdwab: me neither. – Drew Steen Aug 22 '12 at 18:27
I edited the problem to reflect my actual problem more closely: the keepMe elements will contain a number, and I want to select certain numbers / ranges. I can't quite figure out how to apply @DWin's solution (which was great for the question I asked) to the problem I actually face. Sorry 'bout that change, DWin. – Drew Steen Aug 22 '12 at 18:32
Even shorter version to be added. – 42- Aug 22 '12 at 18:33

This works but I don't know if there is a more direct way:

keepers = myList[-(which(sapply(1:length(myList), 
                                function(x) myList[[x]]$keepMe == FALSE)))]

Here's the str() of the resulting list:

# List of 2
# $ s1:List of 3
#  ..$ data  : num [1:10] -0.82 0.487 0.738 0.576 -0.305 ...
#  ..$ name  : chr "name1"
#  ..$ keepMe: logi TRUE
# $ s2:List of 3
#  ..$ data  : num [1:10] -0.0449 -0.0162 0.9438 0.8212 0.5939 ...
#  ..$ name  : chr "name2"
#  ..$ keepMe: logi TRUE
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Seems like there ought to be a more direct way, doesn't it? Something involving sapply(myList, "[[", ...) - but I can't quite get there. – Drew Steen Aug 22 '12 at 18:22

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