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I have been researching this online for a long while with no luck so I decide to ask.

In my application, the action class generates a value, which I can display through the

tag without a problem. However, since that string also has to be translated to other languages, I want to use that property value as the key for the



<s:text name="<s:property value="variable"/>"/>

doesn't work.

How can I do this without first translating it in the action class? I can do this within the java action class, but I want this to be done in the jsp because I want to preserve the variable. It has some signifance in some other javascript function.

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it is very easy. If your action class extends ActionSupport, you can always do this in your jsp file.

<s:property value="getText('your.key')"/>

your.key should be saved in your struts2 file


If you are using a dynamic string, you should replace your.key with an action property.

<s:property value="getText(yourProperty)"/>
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Except that the question was regarding a dynamic your.key, not an immediate string. Replace your.key with an action property value containing the key, and this is correct. – Dave Newton Aug 22 '12 at 19:48

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