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I want to create helper that return the avatar linked to the user.

for that i do:

<%= basic_avatar(user)%>

and the helper:

def basic_avatar(user)
  link_to image_tag(user.avatar) ,'#', :title =>

But now, i want to add some options like attributes, classes etc. for example, i want to do this:

<%= basic_avatar(user, class: 'avatar')%>


<%= basic_avatar(user, class: 'avatar', name: 'avatar')%>
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Just add an options hash to helper declaration, and use that when making your image tag. The last argument in the image_tag call is a hash, so you're basically all set.

def basic_avatar(user, options={})
  link_to image_tag(user.avatar), "#", options.merge(:title =>

This makes it so the options is optional, and then they just get passed along to image_tag, as well as the title you want.

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