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We're using an external CMS to manage our site and I'd like to ensure that inside of our Rails app, root_url points out to that external url. Is there any way we can do this?

Something like:

root :to => "http://wwww.example.com"
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You can match the root of your application like this to redirect to an external URL

# config/routes.rb

root :to => redirect("http://www.google.com/")
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As @Digi_Cazter answered correctly you can do this by adding this

root :to => redirect("http://www.google.com/")

I would like to use such redirects from app only if I want specific url's to be redirected.

I would suggest you to redirect the request directly form the webserver you are using may be apache-httpd or nginx or whichever you may be using instead of passing it to app and then redirecting it.

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