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I have a very strange problem with variables. After few calls in OPENGL render loop one variable changes its value (verticesSize) without any reasons while the 2nd variable(verticesSize2) not... For contrary When I loop them (using for) in any other place of the program both keeps the correct value. It doesn't matter how I name 1st variable it always changes its value so it must be memory problem however I don't know what can cause it. Any ideas?

cpp. file

void CosmicBody::InitShape(unsigned int uiStacks, unsigned int uiSlices, float    fA,       float fB, float fC)
float tStep = (Pi) / (float)uiSlices;
float sStep = (Pi) / (float)uiStacks;

float SlicesCount=(Pi+0.0001)/tStep;
float StackCount=(2*Pi+0.0001)/sStep;
this->verticesSize=((int) (SlicesCount+1) * (int) (StackCount+1))*2;
    this->verticesSize2=((int) (SlicesCount+1) * (int) (StackCount+1))*2;


#include ....
CosmicBody one;

void renderScene(void)




EDIT OK I found which line cause the problem in this function function sprintf makes the program to run incorrect.Why function of another class cause this? void FpsCalc::calculateFPS(unsigned int currentTime) {

int timeInterval = currentTime - previousTime;

if(timeInterval > 1000)
    float fps = frameCount / (timeInterval / 1000.0f);
    previousTime = currentTime;
    frameCount = 0;
    sprintf(this->fps,"%f",fps); //this line makes mess 


#ifndef FPSCALC_H
#define FPSCALC_H
class FpsCalc
int frameCount;
float previousTime;

void calculateFPS(unsigned int currentTime);
char fps[5];

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Its too much code. Why do you show this part, but omit some ...Opengl stuff.. and p1 definition? Usually memory problems connected with pointers, but you havn't show any. – Lol4t0 Aug 22 '12 at 19:18
First of all - bad idea to have empty CosmicBody constructor, it shall initialize verticesSize and verticesSize2 because otherwise they can contain garbage. Second, use single-step debugging to localize the line causing problems, your code here is not enough to detect it. – Rost Aug 22 '12 at 19:23
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The fps buffer is not large enough to hold the resulting output, resulting in undefined behaviour:


I am unsure of the default precision but on my machine:

float f = 1.1f;



which is 9 characters (7 digits, period and null terminator).

You need to specify the precision:

sprintf(this->fps, "%.2f", fps);

or as this is C++ use a std::ostringstream and std::string instead.

std::string fps;


float fps = frameCount / (timeInterval / 1000.0f);
std::ostringstream s;
s << fps;
this->fps = s.str();
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