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I am having a problem passing username and password from client to server for authentication;

Server side function

        void Start_Server()
                struct sockaddr_in serv;
                struct sockaddr_in cli;
                socklen_t client_len;
                //char username[10];
                char bufer[30]={0};
                char *buf="Connection Successful";
                char cPassword[20];

                pthread_t threadID;
                int nListenDesc;                                        // server socket descriptor
                int nConnectionDesc=-1;                                 // client socket descriptor
                int nRetvalue;                                          //storing return value of authentication        

                serv.sin_addr.s_addr=inet_addr(IP);                     // assigning ip address 
                serv.sin_port=htons(PORT);                              //assigning port address        
                        perror("socket descriptor not created");
                bind(nListenDesc,(struct sockaddr*)&serv,sizeof(serv)); //assigning address to socket
                if((system("mkdir /tmp/monitor/"))==-1)                 // creating directory
                        puts("directory not created");
                {   if((nConnectionDesc = accept(nListenDesc,(struct sockaddr*)&cli,&client_len))==-1)
                                perror("error in nConnectionDesc");
                        sscanf(bufer,"%s %s",cUsername,cPassword);
                        printf("%s %s",cUsername,cPassword);
                        if((nRetvalue=authenticate(cUsername,cPassword,nConnectionDesc))==1)    // passing username and password for 
                        {                                                       // authentication
                                puts("user not authenticated ");

                        if (pthread_create(&threadID, NULL, &serverThread,(void *) nConnectionDesc) != 0) //creating thread
                                perror("Thread create error");
                        printf("Parent ready for another connection\n");


int authenticate(char cUser[20],char cPass[20],int nAsock)
        struct loginStruct sAuthent[10];        //creating object of loginStruct
        int nIndex=0;
        int nFiledesc;                          //file descriptor 

        strcpy(sAuthent[0].cUname,"aviral");    // passing value to     
        strcpy(sAuthent[0].cPaswd,"aviral");    // structure variables
        for(; nIndex<3;nIndex++)
                if(strcmp(cUser,sAuthent[nIndex].cUname) ==0)   // authenticate username
                        if(strcmp(cPass,sAuthent[nIndex].cPaswd)==0) //authenticate password
                                puts("cUser good");
                                char cPath[20]="/tmp/monitor/";
                                nFiledesc=creat(cPath,S_IRWXU);         //creating user file  
                                return 0;

                //      puts("User not Authenticates");


        }       return 1;


Client side

    void Start_Client()
            struct sockaddr_in serv;
            int sock=-1;
            memset(&serv,0,sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));
                    perror("Socket not created");
            if((connect(sock, (struct sockaddr*)&serv,sizeof(serv)))!=0)

                    perror("connection not established");
    int login()
                    char carUser[20];
                    char carPass[20];
                    int sockfd,n;
                    char buff[20];
                    printf("Enter username:");
                    printf("Enter Password:");
                    sprintf(buff,"%s %s",carUser,carPass);
                    return sockfd;
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it is giving error error in nConnectionDesc: Invalid argument user not authenticated –  user1617924 Aug 22 '12 at 19:13
Where ? What's the error. –  cnicutar Aug 22 '12 at 19:13
Which side is returning -1 for the descriptor? And please mark the line where your "error" occurs. Some information on that would be great. –  xQuare Aug 22 '12 at 19:15
i m getting problem in authentication function it return error –  user1617924 Aug 22 '12 at 19:23
i m not able to retrieve bufer in which username and password is store –  user1617924 Aug 22 '12 at 19:27
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nConnectionDesc = accept(nListenDesc,(struct sockaddr*)&cli,&client_len)

You're using client_len without initializing it. Before calling accept, try:

client_len = sizeof(cli);
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thanks it works but now i m not able to retrieve bufer in which username and password is store –  user1617924 Aug 22 '12 at 19:25
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I am just adding to cnicutar and trying to reply to your comment:

char bufer[30]={0};

The third parameter has to be the size of your buffer, not the length of the content (which would be limited by the first '\0' you have set). Because of your initialization of bufer, strlen(bufer) will return 0, so you will never read anything. You should pass 30 instead of strlen(bufer). Or even better: 29, since you might want to set the last char to '\0'. I recommend you to use a constant value here.

There are other lines with the same/similar mistake. Note, that sizeof(buff) with char buff[20] will return you the size of a pointer.


Looks like I was kind of naive... There are much more mistakes to point out... Let me take a look at it again...

int sockfd,n;

How are you initializing your sockfd? I don't think you will be able to do anything with this... Initializie it appropriately! There could be more wrong than this..

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its is not working still giving same error –  user1617924 Aug 22 '12 at 19:44
Tell me the line and the exact error if you want accurate help. This is like a guessing game. I will update my post. Btw, how do you even know that you dont receive anything? Just asking to be sure that you dont interpret your error wrong.. –  xQuare Aug 22 '12 at 19:47
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