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I am trying to cross-compile libFLAC for Windows from Linux. Here are the steps I have performed:

  1. I downloaded the latest release (1.2.1) and extracted the tarball.

  2. I applied a small patch:

    patch -p0 < my_patch.diff
  3. I ran the following command in the extracted directory:

    ./configure --host=i686-w64-mingw32
  4. I then ran make and waited for the library to build.

  5. Although there were no errors during the build process, a shared library is not built - all I end up with is a static library (despite explicitly requesting one in the ./configure step above). If I run make install, I end up with the following files / directories:

    enter image description here

The output of the two commands is available here:

Edit: if I use the option --disable-static, I get this output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1161441/

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I finally decided to switch from the 1.2.1 release to a checkout of git://git.xiph.org/flac.git.

...and I am pleased to report that the library now compiles without issue and I end up with a libFLAC-8.dll file.

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