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I am trying to make 2 sections: one for month, one for year Within each section: 2 pie charts inside each other, so

  • month
    --> mtd pie
    --> lymtd pie
  • year
    --> lyytd pie
    --> ytd pie

I have data structured like so:


I have nested my data with

nested = d3.nest()
  .key(function(d){return d.range;})
  .key(function(d){return d.period;})

My initial data attachment is:

var blocks = chart.selectAll("svg")
      .data(nested, function(d){ return d.key;})

The key is I want to retain object constancy throughout, so if I attach a new nested data structure it will use existing keys or add new elements if keys don't exist.

I am having problems getting past the first data join as I want to use nested.values with another d.key but am not sure how. My best guess so far is:

var circles = blocks.selectAll("g.block")
         .data(function(d){ return d.key;})
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could you provide a jsFiddle to illustrate? –  Reno Oct 22 '13 at 12:59
sorry - I solved this problem last year and don't have the answer on hand...ill try and provide the answer soon –  imrane Oct 22 '13 at 14:51

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